School uniform consists of the following items:

  • Royal blue short sleeved polo shirt with Ruahine logo
  • Royal blue long sleeved polo shirt with Ruahine logo
  • Royal blue long sleeved polar fleece with Ruahine logo
  • Royal blue zip up polar fleece vest with Ruahine logo o Plain black “bottoms” i.e. pants/shorts/skort.
  • Plain black school shoes, sandals or black sneakers with black laces (excluding boots, high-heeled shoes, wedge heels, jandals, white or multi-coloured sneakers)
  • Plain black or white socks, or black (only) footed tights/stockings
  • Plain black or white long sleeved undershirts or skivvies may be worn by students between Easter and Labour Weekend (for warmth)
  • Children will wear school hats when outside in terms 1 & 4 each year (supplied by the school)
  • Plain black beanies may be worn to and from school and outside in the playground during winter months only
  • No other hats or caps may be worn.
  • School hat supplied by Ruahine PFK (royal blue)
  • No wearing beanies/hats/hoods indoors.


  • Hair must be tidy and well groomed.
  • Dyeing or colouring of hair is discouraged, with only natural colours being allowed.
  • Long hair should be tied back with black, royal blue or white hair ties.
  • No excessive use of hair product.


  • The only jewellery allowed is: wrist watch, a simple stud in each ear lobe and items of cultural significance approved by the school.
  • No nail polish or make-up may be worn.

Please read the dress code below:

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