Our Values

Our Ruahine ROCKERS Values support our Ruahine Vision to inspire our children to do ‘The Best I Can Do’ and be ‘The Best I Can Be’.

Ruahine ROCKERS are:


RESILIENT Sticking to something until it is completed and not giving up; it’s showing perseverance and commitment.


OPEN TO LEARNING Being brave to try new things even when it seems hard; it’s about risk-taking, exploring, inquiring and curiosity.


COLLABORATIVE Learning, playing and sharing positively together; it’s about being inclusive, showing unity and cooperation, and being a contributing member of a community.


KIND         Treating others the way you want to be treated; it’s caring, friendliness, tolerance, humility and inclusiveness.


ENTHUSIASTIC Showing a sense of fun and enjoyment in what you do; it’s about having pride and self-motivation.


RESPECTFUL   Speaking and acting with courtesy; it’s about caring for ourselves, others and our environment; it’s integrity, self-esteem, pride, being trustworthy and honest.


SELF-MANAGING Being responsible for our actions; it’s being reliable, showing integrity and pride, having a ‘can-do’ attitude, knowing how and when to act appropriately, showing initiative and enterprise.