Our Charter

Our Ruahine School Motto, Vision, and Values are student centred, meaningful, and inspire personal excellence – they encompass the Vision, Values, Principles and Key Competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum.

Our school MOTTO ‘The Best I Can Do, The Best I Can Be’ Tū māia au ki te mahi, tū rangatira au ki te ao!’  motivates our students to strive for personal success AND inspires our vision.

Our VISION: ‘Within an inclusive community that values every person, we prepare our students with the competencies and values they need to do the best they can do and be the best they can be’.

To achieve our Vision we are guided and supported by our Ruahine ROCKERS Values: being… RESILIENT, OPEN TO LEARNING, COLLABORATIVE, KIND, ENTHUSIASTIC, RESPECTFUL, SELF-MANAGING.

At Ruahine School we are committed to ‘living’ our ROCKERS values to…

  • Provide a caring, safe and inclusive learning community that…
    • Values all cultures, and appreciates all learners for their individuality and uniqueness.
    • Encourages a ‘can-do’ attitude.
    • Fosters family, whānau, school, and community partnerships.
    • Inspires all learners to do the best they can do and be the best they can be.
    • Celebrates achievement and success for all.
  • Deliver a relevant and stimulating curriculum that encourages and enables every student equal opportunities to learn, while giving priority to student achievement in literacy and numeracy.

Our students will learn to be…

  • Independent, self-motivated, confident and proud learners – who strive to do the best they can do and be the best they can be.
  • Reflective and effective thinkers, problem-solvers, innovators and communicators.
  • Understanding and respectful of all cultures, all peoples, themselves, and the environment.
  • Positive, respectful and contributing members of their local and wider communities, and environment.
  • Effective users of ICTs.
  • Confident with the skills and competencies they need to continue their learning journey throughout life.

Please read our full charter below: