• School uniform consists of the following items:
    • Royal blue short sleeved polo shirt with Ruahine logo
    • Royal blue long sleeved polo shirt with Ruahine logo
    • Royal blue long sleeved polar fleece with Ruahine logo
    • Royal blue zip up polar fleece vest with Ruahine logo
    • Plain black “bottoms” i.e. pants/shorts/skort
    • Plain black school shoes, sandals or black sneakers with black laces (excluding boots, high-heeled shoes, wedge heels, jandals, white or multi-coloured sneakers, scuffs or Crocs). Black shoes may have white soles.
    • Plain black or white socks, or black (only) footed tights/stockings. Toes or heels may be another colour but may NOT be seen when wearing shoes.
    • Plain black or white long sleeved undershirts or skivvies may be worn by students between Easter and Labour Weekend (for warmth)  
    • Coats of any colour may be worn to school.  No sweatshirt hoodies are to be worn
    • No wearing beanies/hats/hoods indoors
    • Slippers may be worn in classrooms only.  They are for inside use only.
    • Gumboots may NOT be worn on school trips
    • Students will wear school hats when outside in Terms 1 & 4 each year (supplied Ruahine PFK (royal blue).
    • No logos/branding may be shown on uniform clothing
    • MUFTI DAYS – Students are either in full uniform or full mufti
    • Students attending Technology classes at DHS may wear non-dress code shoes for safety in the workshop if their school shoes are not sturdy enough.  This decision is at the discretion of the Deputy Principal and the Technology teachers
    • SPORTS SHOES – Sports shoes may be worn for PE or specific sports only, including sports events at school and away from school.  They are not to be worn to and from, or around the school.
    • Gumboots may be worn to school, but not on school trips.  


  • Hair must be tidy and well groomed
  • Dyeing or colouring of hair is discouraged, with only natural colours being allowed
  • Long hair should be tied back with Ruahine School royal blue and white or plain natural coloured (brown, black etc) hair ties
  • No excessive use of hair product.


  • The only jewellery allowed is: wrist watch, a simple stud in each ear lobe and items of cultural significance approved by the school.
  • Exceptions such as medic alert bracelets, solid baby bracelets that can’t be removed may be worn once the principal has approved it.  Written permission will be given at the Principal’s discretion.
  • No nail polish or make-up may be worn.


  • Students may take a note to their teacher for an exemption of up to two (2) days
  • For a longer exemption parents must write to the principal stating the type of exemption, reason for the exemption and the length of time required.  The principal will respond in writing.